The Artisans

Paris Byzance is all about local craftsmanship and individual life stories.
Designed in Paris, our pieces are ethically handmade, handwoven and hand-embroidered by our local artisans in small ateliers.
We have travelled across the world to find our artisans and build a strong long-term relationship with them.
From Guatemala to Uzbekistan, each product we create have a story to tell. Claudia and Juan Manuel are local artisans fighting for preserving and promoting Guatemalan craftsmanship. Inna and Margot are two Ukrainian old ladies that has inherited her hand-embroidery skills from previous generations. Ilkhom is a young boy living in the Ferghana Valley who runs his small Ikat jakets family atelier.
We commit to make our local artisans to get the price they deserved for the incredible work.
Our goal is to increase artisan-crafted goods’ popularity and extend the creation of sustainable clothing to make an impact on the world we live in.